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Austin Police Operation Blue Santa

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa serves nearly 6,000 families through over 20,000 gifts and toys during the holiday season. We provided a website re-design and a variety of systems and content to improve their digital presence both internally and externally.

September 2018
Operation Blue Santa

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa

The Need

Blue Santa is a 501(c)(3) serving the greater Austin area throughout the holiday season and beyond. They've been serving our city since 1972, and recognized their need to update their online presence to better serve and engage the city of Austin.

The Solution

We designed a website with two targets in mind: 1) Parents in families needing help this holiday season, and 2) Volunteers and donors who can help further Austin Police Operation Blue Santa's mission. The website is designed to be simple to use, and easy to navigate based on the type of user visiting the site. The site also needed to be re-designed to be mobile friendly, as over 70% of their website traffic is from mobile platforms.

The Final Result


We were able to successfully grow web traffic over the course of the fall since the site's relaunch in August, averaging over 1,000 users per day during the peak holiday season.

From the Client

"Jeremy, with Captur3, came along side Blue Santa to understand our needs by meeting with multiple stakeholders. He was able to translate our needs for the website into a working product in a very short time frame. This was no small task when working with a volunteer organization that has been around for 43 years. He has been very active in giving ideas in messaging and marketing to help the process move forward and make changes when any issues arose." 

- Todd Pomroy, President of Austin Police Operation Blue Santa

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