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You make an awesome product or deliver exceptional service. We help you tell the world about it.

Here's some of the types of projects we can work on together.

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invest in your brand

Story Work

Video marketing to invest in your brand, your culture, and your team.

Get more sales

Advertising Work

Video marketing that drives sales

"Captur3 has been integral to the growth of 2POOD. From creating content for our paid advertising campaigns, to making media for our website and being our media team at live events, they've helped us grow tremendously. We've loved working with their ideas, their collaboration, and their willingness to experiment and iterate on new ideas regularly."

Barry Cox, Owner of 2POOD

The process

How it Works

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If we're a match for each other, then we'll get going right away to bring your story in to the world in a way that people will listen.

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a team of makers

Our Team

Longhorns for life. Led by man's best friend.

Jeremy Geist
Head of operations
A Longhorn. Jeremy's background was in the business school, so he's a little dry. But he'll do everything he can to manage the project in a way that everyone involved actually likes each other when it's over.
Jeremy Edelen
head of storytelling
Another Longhorn. Jeremy was a radio, television, film major, so he's artsy. Think Scorsese meets Tarantino. But he can craft incredible stories and make any video worth watching. (Also the proud owner of Breck)
Josh Montoya
head of production
And finally, another Longhorn. But Josh studied Aerospace Engineering, so he's the brains of the group. He connects all the lights and cameras and microphones and does all of the cool things on the computer afterwards.
I am the best. I am the most creative. I look the best. I do most of the work. And I pride myself on my humility. And yes, I too am a Longhorn. I don't hate a lot of things other than all cats, Sooners, Aggies, and when my owner's give me 3 treats instead of 5.
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