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It's a loud and noisy world out there. Millions of daily messages make it harder than ever to stand out and easier than ever to blend in. The standard content, messaging and marketing just don't make a difference the way that they used to. That's why we focus on stories. Like really focus on stories. We don't make the story - it's your story. But we capture it in a way it's never been told before.

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We capture the story of your brand, your team, and your business, and share it in compelling ways across a variety of different media

Memorable Videos

We engage with incredible amounts of content each and every day. In order to stand out among the noise, your organization has to communicate why you do what you do. Videos that capture your story, your offering, and all the ways you serve, benefit, and help your end customers are essential to developing a powerful brand.

Are you using videos well? Are you using videos at all?  Let's tell stories that capture your brand.

Compelling Websites

Your website is your company's front door. Their first five seconds on the website will largely impact their decision to buy, donate, show-up, or engage with your organization. A compelling website that captures the soul of your organization while clearly communicating what you want them to do is essential.

Your website needs a strategy. Great pictures and videos don't matter without clarity.

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Sharing your story beyond your website and videos


Video Production

Videos that tell your story, quickly explain your unique offering, or social media series that tell a story and promote a product and allow you to connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

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Web Design & Development

Your website needs to engage, communicate, and convert. We'll design your website to do just that. If you already have a developer, we'll hand over our design to them. If not, we'll build it for you too.

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Social Content

Photos and videos to be placed on social that tell your story story, promote your product, or promote your upcoming event.

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Case Studies

Selected Works

Texas Vision

Texas Vision is a complete eye care clinic offering world-class eye care in a warm and friendly environment in Cedar Park.


SpectrumVoIP is a voice over IP company in Plano, Texas who believes in connecting businesses with seamless communication, high-quality service, and simple pricing. They needed a video that could be used in a variety of outlets to quickly capture and explain all of their services and value that they offer to their customers. Even in today's online world, business lives and dies by the phone system.

Shine Franchise

Shine Franchise is a window cleaning and holiday lighting franchise with over 25 locations all across the country. Their business is more than just a collection of franchises and customers though - it's a community. A community of driven, family-oriented owners who prioritize serving, excellence, fun, safety, and positive energy. Hear the impact that being a Shine franchise owner has had in the lives of Eric, Travis, Cami, Parker, and Braden.

Scoop & Score Ice Cream Parlor

Scoop and Score Gourmet Ice Cream is an ice cream shop in Cedar Park, Texas, with ice cream and coffee like no other. Being a family business, they set themselves apart by creating a homey and community focused environment but what really makes them unique is bringing the award winning Greater's Ice Cream to the south for the very first time. The focus of our project with them was truly _capturing_ their distinct story to raise funds for expansion and let the community know that there is a tasty cup of ice cream waiting for them at this ma' and pop ice cream shop.

Firefly Aerospace

Firefly Aerospace is a newspace rocket company who was in need of multiple story videos and a slide deck to share their powerful and challenging story.

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa

Austin Police Operation Blue Santa serves nearly 6,000 families through over 20,000 gifts and toys during the holiday season. We provided a website re-design and a variety of systems and content to improve their digital presence both internally and externally.
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What Our Clients Say

Captur3 came alongside Blue Santa to understand our needs by meeting with multiple stakeholders, and translated our needs for the website into a working product in a very short time frame.  This was no small task when working with a volunteer organization that has been around for 43 years. They have been very active in giving ideas in messaging and marketing to help the process move forward.

Todd Pomroy - President of Austin Police Operation Blue Santa

As we launched our product, the Captur3 team worked with us to refine our messaging and our brand, testing design, imaging, and messaging to get traction with our customers. We loved working with their ideas, their collaboration, and their willingness to experiment and iterate on new ideas regularly.

Barry Cox - Founder & CEO of TeamChores
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